Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit

The Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit is a multimedia resource for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions that was created by WITNESS and Amnesty International with the input and support of our campaign partners and allies. From outlining the obligations of governments to sharing videos that help foster debate and inspire mobilization, the Toolkit provides critical resources to support the efforts of those advocating against forced evictions locally and globally, as well as those working to raise awareness on the issue. Read more about the Toolkit on our blog.


Contents Include:

  • Tip Sheet: How to Film Forced Evictions
  • Guide: How Video Can Support Your Forced Evictions Campaign
  • Guide: Know Your Rights
  • Guide: Know Your Obligations
  • Video: “People Before Profit”
  • Video: “Evict Them! In 5 Easy Steps”


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